Support for Kacey Moon

Kacey Moon is an inspirational skater chick. She competes in longboard downhill races and well loved in her local longboarding and skatepark community.

On August 8th she was skating a bowl with a number of other local skater chicks. Something went wrong and when she fell she broke her femur.

Kacey works hard on and off her board. But with a broken femur, she won’t be working either for at least a few months.

This page is hoping to raise the funds she needs to cover her basic living expenses, giving her some peace of mind and allowing her to focus on her recovery.




raised of a $10,000 goal

We have a GoFundMe page set up if you’d rather give there. But they take a chunk of the donation. Donations on this page go directly to Kacey’s PayPal. She will get more of your donation and will have access immediately.

If you’d like to give via go fund me go to: ¬†

Kacey's Journey Back to Her Board


Kacey made it out of surgery!! During the surgery she lost a lot of blood....
August 9, 2017

It’s broken

X-Ray shows it’s a broken femur. Kacey will be have surgery Wednesday afternoon....
August 9, 2017

Tuesday Night

Kacey was taking a run in the bowl. She took a bad fall and broke...
August 8, 2017

Kacey In Action